A beautiful and summery tablescape with mismatching china.

Who says it has to all match exactly to look great?  

Many unique and beautiful tablescapes are composed of mis-matched plates, cups and bowls, with the matching geared towards a specific theme.  In the case of the above setting, this is a table presentation for a summer brunch made up of pieces that I specifically enjoy for one reason or another even though, technically, these pieces were not made for each other.

A trend being favored by many upscale restaurants and bistros, mis-matching tableware can create a visual aeshetic as mouth-watering as the entree and offers a unique and creative way to personally craft a table setting that makes your individual heart sing! 

Most designers will tell you that, when it comes to combining tableware patterns, they will work with a neutral canvas such as a white or off-white tablecloth, then adding highlights with gold or silver cutlery and clear cut crystal.  This palette sets the groundwork to add that colorful magic with the individual pieces of china. 

For me, partial to the pinks and the lilacs, it should be remembered that the most important element is not the actual colors you choose, but sticking to the use of similar and complimentary colors in the full tableau.  Paying close attention to which pieces are placed next to each other is also an important consideration, just as it would be if you were painting a great masterpiece on canvas!  My preference is to put the bolder florals next to the simpler ones, aiming for a balance for the eye.  And, when my plate stack is complex I will always choose to keep napkins and other table linens clean and pure.  I’m a huge fan of white embroidered linen, but I will often deviate to a cotton or cotton-linen blend because of the wrinkle factor associated with 100% linen.  To add a bit of Hollywood sparkle and glitz, who can beat the addition of these exquisite crystal napkin rings, among my favorite table "jewelry".

A bit of Hollywood sparkle and glam with accessories like these crystal napkin rings.


Once my china is selected and the elements around it are decidely neutral and elegant, it's time to work out the florals.  Vintage and antique china pitchers make excellent and decorative vases to continue the summertime theme, filled with blooms that echo the colors of your tableware.

Flowers chosen to match the colors in your favorite china pieces set in a lovely vintage or antique pitcher adds a true summertime feel.

Once done, take a moment to savor the beauty of your mismatched landscape and then head off to the kitchen to plan the menu!





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