Eight volumes of antiquarian hardcover books Library of Historic Characters and Famous Events. A.R. Spofford.

Eight volumes of antiquarian hardcover books Library of Historic Characters and Famous Events. A.R. Spofford.


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Eight volumes of antiquarian (1878) hardcover books Library of Historic Characters and Famous Events. A.R. Spofford. Eight volumes of a ten-volume series edited by Ainsworth Rand Spofford, Frank Weitenkampf and Professor J.P. Lamberton. Published by the Art Publishing Company Boston, USA.

About the principle editor A.R. Spofford: Spofford served as the Librarian of Congress in Washington DC from 1864 to 1897, a tenure that saw the expansion of the Library's collections and notable changes in its methods of collection.

About the book series:

Volume III focuses on people and events who shaped the course of world history through invention, exploration, politics and warfare. The people and events discussed in this Volume include:
- Julius Caesar - the Invasion of Britain, The Battle of Pharsalus
- Catiline - Caesar on the Punishment of the Conspirators
- Sulla - the Siege of Athens, Sull and Caesar
- the Death of Mithradates
- Pompey - the Flight to the East, Pompey's Death, the Dream of Peticus
- Cleopatra - Antony's dilemma
- William Rufus - the Death of the Red King
- Henry IV - the War of the League, Gabrielle
- Rollo - the Viking Northmen in France
- Alaric in Italy
- Atilla - the Scourge of God; among others

Volume IV focuses on important historical persons from Europe: Germany, France, England including:
- Frederic the Great: First Battle at Mollwitz, the Four Battles of 1757, the Last Battle at Torgau
- The Great Elector Frederic William: the Emergence of Brandenburg, the Battle of Fehrbellin
- Henry the Fowler: the German Fatherland
- Henry IV of Germany
- Robespierre
- Gregory VII: Tribur and Canossa, St. Gregory, Monk and Pope
- Urban II: The Council of Clermont
- Peter the Hermit: The Crusades
- Godfrey of Bouillon: The Siege of Jerusalem, the Deliverer of Jerusalem
- Emperor Henry V of Germany: The Dispute about Investitures
- Henry I of England: a Saxon bride; among others

Volume V focuses on important persons affecting the history of Europe such as Hannibal, Charlemagne, Alcuin and Phillip of Macedon, among other and the Inclusion of the Knights Templar.
- Charlemagne: Charlemagne the Boy and Pope Stephen, The Coronation
- Alcuin: The Abbot of Tours
- Haroun Al Rashid: Haroun and Charlemagne, Haround and Jaffar
- Hannibal: Fabius Maximus The Delayer. Battle of Cannae, Scipio Africanus, the Lake of Thrasime
- Phillip of Macedon: Master of Greece
- Goethe
- Antiochus the Great: The Romans Enter on the Conquest of Asia
- Scipio Africanus Minor: The Destruction of Carthage, the Wife of Asdrubal
- Masinissa
- Jugurtha
- Pierre Abelard
- Bernard of Clarivaux: The Institution of the Knights Templar; among others.

Volume VI focuses on people and events who shaped the course of world history through invention, exploration, politics and warfare. This volume focuses largely on Roman political and military figures. The events discussed in this Volume include:
- Vespasian
- Seneca
- Titus
- Trajan
- St. Ambrose
- Hadrian
- St. Augustine
- Frederic Barbarossa
- Emperor Frederic II
- James I
- William III
- Queen Anne
- Charles V
- Victor Hugo; among others

Volume VII focuses largely on the most influential of the Greeks and Romans, with some other inclusions, and the most significant historical events related thereto:
- Joan of Arc
- Semiramus
- Artaxerxes
- Agesilaus
- Socrates
- Xenophon
- Ptolemy Soter
- Ptolemy Philadelphus
- Aurelian
- Constantine
- Zenobia
- Belisarius
- Heraclius; among others

Volume VIII focuses on people and events who shaped the course of world history through invention, exploration, politics and warfare. This volume focuses largely on American military figures and President Lincoln. The main people and events discussed in this Volume include:
- Abraham Lincoln - Speech at The Cooper Institute, the Appeal to the People to avert war, Dedication of Gettysburg National Cemetery, Second Inaugural Address, Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln's Character
- W.H. Seward - the admission of California to the Union, Seward's diplomacy
- Gen. Ulysses Grant - What Lincoln did for Grant, the capture of Vicksburg, the Battle of the Wilderness, the Army of the Tennessee, Grant's life-work
- Gen. W.T. Sherman - the Atlanta Campaign, Lincoln and Sherman
- Gen. P.H. Sheridan - the Battle of Five Forks, Sheridan's Ride; among others

Volume IX focus on the Victories of Agricola in Britain, by which most Of that island was brought under Roman government. This period has been pronounced by Merivale the apogee of Rome's military renown. Under Vespasian's rule the empire enjoyed prosperity such as it had not known since the reign of Augustus. Prudent atten tion was given to replenishing the treasury, which had been exhausted by the prodigal and wasteful acts of Nero and Vitellius, and the revenues of the empire were settled on a stable basis. General tranquillity promoted the prosperity of the people.

Volume X focuses on the Ancient Philosophers, Great Inventors and Explorers.

The people and events discussed in this Volume include:
- Aristotle - The Ideal State
- Plato - The Nature of Man
- Francis Bacon (Lord Verulam) - The Vicissitude of Things
- Sir Isaac Newton - The Royal Society
- Galileo - The Invention of the Telescope
- Alexander Von Humboldt - The Unity of Nature
- Charles Darwin - The Origin of the Species
- Henry the Navigator - The Mariner's Compass
- Magellan - The Partition of the World
- Balboa - The Discovery of the Pacific
- Albuquerque - The Capture of Goa
- Louis de Camoens
- Gautama Buddah
- Marco Polo - Kublai Khan
- David Livingstone - Livingstone's Last Journey
- Henry M. Stanley - Stanley Finds Livingstone; among others

Condition: In FAIR! antique condition, the books have wear, damage and missing leather to the spines, the degree of which varies from volume to volume among the eight books in this set.. There is fraying in places to the bases of the spines. Books have NO! pages separating from the sewn-in bind. Gold embossed covers show MODERATE! wear. Internal pages show a some small tears. There are NO! dog-eared corners. Book shows NO! margin notations. All text is clear and legible, all imagery bright and vivid with NO! fading apparent.

Approximate measurements: 9-3/4" x 7", handsomely bound in cloth and leather with embossed gold accents on spine and cover.

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